First things first....
The Grits Commandments
There are four commandments for grit-eating Southerners. They are in the Bible somewhere. I think they are in the book of Lamentations or Habakkuk or another one of those small Old Testament chapters with a lot of begats in it.
The Grits Commandments are:

Thou shalt not use instant grits.
There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth for those who cook instant grits. Some believe there is a special place in hell reserved for people who eat instant grits. I wouldn't go that far, but I do know that quick cooking grits work perfectly well. And, if you can find freshly ground stone ground grits, by all means use them.

Thou shalt never put sugar on grits.
If you do, the ghost of Minnie Pearl will forever haunt your dreams singing all 23 verses of On Top of Old Smokey every night while you sleep. Salt and hot sauces are musts.

Thou shalt use only real cheese.
When using cheese in grits, never use any of those little plastic wrapped slices or processed cheese products that come in tubes. Always remember: "Real cheese doesn't squeeze!"

Thou shalt never, ever, ever put syrup on grits.
Not at the breakfast table when you are all alone, and think no one is watching.
Not while sitting in the secluded corner booth at the Waffle House.
Not anytime; not anywhere.


If you break these commandments, the Southern Food Police will break down your door, hog-tie you, and ship you off to New Hampshire, Rhode Island or maybe even Vermont, where you can try some of their syrup on a steaming hot bowl of polenta.


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